Flower Impression

Sometimes light, shadow and the subject combine to form a perfect blend.

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The location was perfect, against a white wall of a nearby shed, in bright sunlight from behind and hundreds of flowers and insects nearby - the Botanical Garden in Turku is one of its kind. It took around 20 minutes before an insect arrived at the flower - and then another 5 before it was done and decided to fly away. Enjoy a picture just moments after the lift off.

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On A Flower

This insect was moving rapidly - in fact, so rapidly that it took approximately 50 shots to have its head exactly in focus.

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This damselfly photographed druing a rather chilly morning was enjoying a drop of water.

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Two Colours

Nature is absolutely fantastic when it comes to colours.

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Two of a Kind

Even an ordinary walk in a park may result in good images. Enjoy a bit of spring, regardless of the season!

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