A professional-looking portrait to your resume? Or a slightly more casual this is me now? Something to have printed large to decorate a living room? Or perhaps something entirely different? Whatever it is, together we can most likely make it happen.

Pay a visit to my lovely studio room in Turku and have a portrait photoshoot. We will discuss everything in detail before you arrive, but expect about 30 minutes of photographing and about the same amount of time for small talk, test shots, photo evaluation and other technicalities.

When you arrive, we will go through our agreements, sign some papers and talk a bit about posing. Then we will move on to the studio to set up the lights and take a few test shots. Finally, we will start taking pictures. Once we are done with that, we will go through them and pick a few of your favourites, and a few of mine. I will start post-processing them and you will receive them by email. They will be yours for whatever use you have for them.



Wikipedia defines boudoir photography as a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a photographic studio, bedroom or private dressing room environment, primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners.

The most important part of a boudoir photo session are the expectations. That is why we will start talking immediately after you become interested and that is why it will take some time - most likely a week or two. I want to take pictures of YOU - your comfort, satisfaction and expectations are crucial and I am going to ensure you are proud of the resulting photos.

The session is done when we are both happy with the results. Over a coffee (or tea) we will check the photos and pick some outstanding shots. I will start post-processing them and you will receive them by email. They will be yours for sharing with the world - even if the world is just one person.



Big stadium or small club - it is all about the atmosphere of the concert. Allow me to visit your gig and capture the magic of your show - but please get in touch well in advance (ideally around a month or so). And of course please send some links to your music.

The total cost depends on our agreements, but a welcome minimum would be the reimbursement of travel costs and any overnight stays (unless the concert happens to be where I already am). There are of course exceptions, depending on how awesome you promise your concert to be!

You should expect me to arrive well before the event starts, probably around the time of setup or soundchecks. Once I am done, I will start post-processing the photos the next working day and then send you the best photos about two-three days after the event. A typical outcome would be around fifteen pictures.


Sport events

As with concerts, it is all about the atmosphere, which is why my pictures from sport events are somewhat less documentary that those seen in the media.

As a minimum, I would expect to have admission costs covered and a nice seat in the crowd to take pictures from. Official press passes are always welcome, but I understand they might be difficult to arrange for a casual picture taker.

Editing of the pictures happens over the few days after the event and results in a dozen or so pictures.


Your idea?

If you enjoy the pictures I make and have an idea on how we could collaborate, great! Please send me some details of it and let us make it happen.

For an exceptional project I am willing to travel - otherwise we are somewhat limited to the places I can easily access (meaning Turku in south-western Finland and Gdańsk in northern Poland).

For now I have a daily job (which I am quite happy with), meaning that taking pictures is my hobby. However, an ambition of mine is to turn my hobby into a profession, even if it would be a part-time one. You can help me in achieving this goal - if you are interested in me taking pictures of you, please get in touch at uneven.eyes[at]gmail.com.