Every year I prepare a few calendars from scratch - from templates to pictures. They are printed locally in Turku on thick, white cardboard, size A3 - reasonably large to decorate a wall.

Please note that calendars are made in November and sent to print the latest in the first week of December. There are three monthly themes to choose from:

  • Turku, Naturally featuring landscapes from Turku and its surroundings taken in the previous year (so calendar for the year 2023 will feature pictures taken in 2022);
  • Dragonflies with various dragonflies and damselflies;
  • Cities of Europe with cityscapes from various European cities, from Helsinki to Lisbon.

If you are interested, please send an email with your request. The cost of printing one calendar varies slightly from year to year, but hovers around 45€.


Books and photo albums

For my personal use I have been printing annuals - massive books with more than 150 pages in A3 - and I find them irreplaceable. They are a great discussion starter with people or a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon during long, dark afternoons in Turku.

While I am not willing to publish those annuals, a similar format should work for my non-personal pictures. Currently there is only one such book available with my nature, landscape and abstract photos. However, it is quite an expensive thing - at around 850€ for A3 format with about 150 pictures in it. It is totally worth the price, though (yes, I am biased).

Please note that all of the above items are made specifically for you - if you want to make an order, please send an email with details.