Picture taker

Photographer is a word that is used way too often today. On one hand, there are masters of the craft, visionaries and true heroes of photography; on the other, countless masses with a camera claiming to be one.

So to combat that I claim to be a picture taker - I try to think about a frame before snapping it, but I am by no means a photographer. Neither I aspire to be one, though I think some of the pictures are worth sharing with the world. Which is why this website exists.


The road so far

My serious interest in photography started nearly two decades ago, when I first got a digital camera. I remember shooting on film when I was a teenager, but the whole process of developing photos was definitely not a thing I was interested in. The instant gratitude of the digital camera changed that - I could now just download the pictures and see how they looked.

To keep the long story short, I decided to get better at taking pictures. Many thousands of photos later... here we are. I have my own photography website, some studio equipment and even a small group of people enjoying my photography. It is a great start, so I will just keep going.

Thank you for reading this far. If you are interested in more personal opinions on various topics, I self-host a wiki blog.